January 9th, 2004

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Ok, I set up an address with no-ip.com to check on my dynamic address form me automatically, so my streaming Newtcam will stay up, even if I reboot, and the digits change.

Nice thing about Windows 2000/XP pro... they have the full-strength IIS included. Go to Control Panel, Add/remove programs, Windows components and you'll see an IIS check box. (XP home won't let you run ASP, by the way) Maybe I'll just start hosting images from my hard drive, now? Hard to say, but if I'll have something online 24/7, why not? While you're there, highlight IIS and click Details. You can then check SMTP service, and you have CDONTS email!

My Speed touch USB was replaced for a Westell Dual connect.. all seems ok, except that it's basically a LAN rather than a dial-up connection.. the web cam stream is not happy with the settings, but regular stills seems to be doing ok. They were going to charge me for a replacement modem, but I burned the tech a copy of vice city, and free it is. Hooray for free enterprise!

Artist draws under influence of LSD -You can see the effects of a controlled experiment with someone drawing after being administered LSD-25 from the beginning to the end of his trip.

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