January 11th, 2004

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6399 - Hooray for Artificial Skin!

Ok! Let's see to it my week is started with Cheerios and not frickin' Drama flakes this time, eh? (Hm... Last time I mentioned drama flakes was on 8/8/01, the same day as my gamer rant, One-in-every-crowd, playing with CSS filters, link to the language machines, Wally caught for fraud & embezzlement, What dino lived in your backyard?)

I downloaded Bad Taste. Peter Jackson's directorial skills have improved a great deal over 13 years...Bad Taste is like something I'd have made with friends in Junior high. The movie is downright gross and goofy. (The Frighteners was a lot better.) I'm even more impressed that they gave this guy LotR at all, and how good a job was done with it. (Rachel showed me Meet the Feebles ages ago, too. That was something different.)

I've always admired this style.Dentsu Advertising Museum

The Edo Era (1603-1867), during which a full-fledged feudal system was established by the Tokugawa shogunate, was also an era in which the culture of townspeople flourished. That Japan had already developed distinctive advertising techniques of its own as early as the Edo Era might come as a surprise to you. But ample evidence of these remain for us today to follow a historical trail, in the form of nishiki-e (a multicolored woodblock print), hikifuda (handbills) and signboards. A witness of the times, as well as a chronicle of advertising creative work in Japan, these relics represent a valuable record of both the evolution of corporations and the history of common people's lives.

Belgium's most famous reporter TinTin is 75 years old. Congratulations and happy birthday to Snowy too. The intrepid reporter first appeared in print on January 10, 1929, in a comic supplement to the Brussels newspaper Le Vingtieme Siecle.

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I like how the clouds give a sense of perspective... I forget that they're so huge sometimes, because they're so far up. I have the same feeling about the Moon and Sun... I know in my brain that they're gigantic, but my caveman heart tells me that they're not very big at all.

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Ok, phones are switched over.. It's time to go out and enjoy some fresh, cool air. Until later, dear journal.
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6400 Sandalwood and Walkies

Went for walkies...not sure for how long, but it was pretty close to 4 hours, I think. I took a slow, leisurely pace up Las Olas to Riverwalk and the library, watched the boats come in, grabbed a milkshake and people-watched. I really needed a nice day out and about and that fit the bill. There weren't very many to watch due to it being Sunday, but there were a few. Foot traffic was light enough to allow for easy maneuverability, and parts were so quiet that it was jarring to me. I'm so used to hearing a vehicle's engine or other street noise out there that it was rather eerie. There were parts of town that gave a real "28 Days Later" vibe. Even the singing fountain was quiet, save for the rush of the water... it was a very peaceful day out. I'll toss a few images from my journey behind a cut.

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Maybe some more pictures tomorrow. Still have the library (I stopped in to look at DVDs and pick up tax forms) , the water bus and misc Riverwalk images.

Hmm.. I wonder if the pleasant scent of sandalwood is part of the reason that folks made sandals out of them? The prayer beads that I got from sedef smell so good! (Contrary to last night's curry in the trash.. I couldn't wait to get that stuff outside of the same 4 walls.)
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