January 12th, 2004

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This work week should be interesting, with just me, CS and Rhodey. Hopefully I will be able to take the opportunity to get a stronger dialogue working between them. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Talked to Dave last night for the first time in an age... poor man is uberbusy. Everyone but the little baby is down with the flu, he's working like crazy on refinishing the 2nd house, and he's pulling overtime at work to stay on top of things. He's near exhausted, but I think he'll pull through... remarkably strong will and body.

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A librarian was recently killed in a freak accident in the parking garage... her SUV blew threw the 5th story level and crashed to the ground below last Friday. I wonder if Doug or Tony knew her?

Harry Shearer is called to jury duty on the Robert Blake case as is Christina Applegate and tells his tale to Lloyd Groves.

Not Fooling Anybody, a "chronicle of bad conversions and storefronts past".

I noticed that ShOr deleted her candlejunkies LJ... I wonder what prompted that?
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