January 14th, 2004

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6403 Old Game Notes, Jail, Money

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Watched The Chinese Connection last night...I forgot how odd the theme music was. Great fight scenes, though... Bruce Lee at some of his best, I think. I considered making an icon from the "slo-mo hands" bit, but I imagine there are probably a dozen or so of them out there already.

I was cleaning up my closet and ended up looking through my gaming notes from 1995. Man, has my handwriting has improved over the last 8-9 years...What a horrid, crabbed script I had before! (It's still messy, but at least it's mostly legible now.)

Some Translations from those pages:

1/15/95 - Protectors - "Looks like trouble" gang found gadgets, Doc Eon (VINCENT's enemy - robots to fight.)

odd artifacts -

  • water gun - no nozzle.

  • Platform

  • Wrench & Bulb

  • Pyramid-thing puzzle box - summons flying drones.
Mutants, Hollow Earth, Riches

Hollow Earth Entered via North Pole - 0 gravity - Aztec type wealth and equipment.

Dracodroid in 60's, giant robot, 6 -vehicle "Voltron-type" vanished - West Coast's most powerful being/super.

Earth Invaded in '68, helped conquer villain, disappeared in early 70's.

1/20/95 - Protectors FOCUS vs. Old Ones. Our super team (Based in Covenant, Rhode Island)

Plot elements - Evil Snake Knife -Gives the Aquarian a vision of a jungle river (Nile?), desert, fields (Egypt?), Bald, Dark folk, white loincloths, buildings with brass doors w/ canine designs, They're aware of Aquarian, he snaps out of his trance.

Go to Miskatonic U to investigate the Necronomicon & Take Viper & Cobra (WHAT WERE WE THINKING?)

nicknames for Scarab (miniMAX's DNPC/Ally) - Ladybug, Lori, Junebug - Doesn't actually know a lot of Egyptology, buy liked old Journey album covers.

Notes in Margins-
  • Brickhouse = a big baby!

  • Grey Spectre & Ghost = Cool.

  • Get Star Children into space... leave Gurney (Otho) on the moon.

Drawings by the Gray Pumpkin for games from 1/95 (9 years ago???):

miniMAX's "desolid beam" and remote car device.

Khudrin, Dog & Blare (Blair?)

Well, It looks like news of my brother's case has made it to the ambulance chasers.

No less than 14 articles of mail advertising for legal services arrived in my mailbox today (bro uses this location as his mail drop).

You know, the three collect calls my brother made to me from jail are going to cost me about $12?

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  1. Imagine that.

  2. I think that's so unhealthy to stay inside too much... even when it's cold as hell it's better to get outdoors even for just a little while.

  3. I'll probably forget to drink vinegar before bed, too.

  4. I estimate it will be finished in about 3 more Star Trek Deep Space 9 episodes.

  5. Time to go drop off some boxes..

  6. Computers can do great things when they're programmed right, but they are inherently dumb.

  7. I don't know what it is, but some people have some bad energy.

  8. I'm goin' back to BED.

  9. otherwise, let the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing! begin.

  10. Blessed be.

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