January 17th, 2004

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6412 The Mixmaster is fascinating.

I regularly interact with people all over the world in my journal. The Middle East, The Arctic Circle, Australia, Italy, and the UK, just to name a few outside of the USA... and I think that's just too cool. In There or FFXI, it seems much more USA-centered, even though there are folks in there from everywhere, too. (A solid Asian population in FF, a lot of Brits/Israelis in There, or so it seems.) LJ has the distinct advantage of being more multimedia and immersive into real lives, though, and that's an engrossing element to me. I go through phases where I just barely skim my read list, and other times, I gobble it up whole. I like looking in on people, and watching them grow.

I learned yesterday that Muslim Mona is expected to go into an arranged marriage, but is dodging it until she finishes university. It seems so strange to hear about arranged couplings in this country, in this day and age. She's an interesting case study, and seems to be a nice person.

Deep-fried cow brain burger (if you think that's appetizing, you're probably already infected) Collapse )

Want to be a website mixmaster ? Very nifty bit of code. (Here's my journal mixed with CNN, or... CNN mixed with my journal for example.)

Ripley's believe it or not Odditorium.

The Fancy-schmancy Publix deli on Andrews makes wickedly good wraps...better than Roly Poly, I suspect.

Newspaper Cartoons of 1907... More at the History of Comics Media Archive.

Explorers are we,
intrepid and bold
out in the wild,
amongst wonders untold
equipped with our wits,
a map, and a snack
we're searching for fun
and we're on the right track!

Vintage supermarket photo gallery from Tick Tock Toys.

Prototype Marvin costume for the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy feature film, sculpted by the Jim Henson Creature Shop in September 2003 to fit actor Warwick Davis.

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