January 19th, 2004

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6416 I liked Big Fish, but preferred the Tavern's Bread.

Happy Martin Luther King Day!
Make it a day ON, not a day off.

Happy Birthday, flying_blind!

Saw Big Fish with Danny last night...(Peter Pan started a smidgen too early) it was good, but I saw it maybe jut a little too soon after Ted passing away. It was quite enjoyable overall. I really didn't notice the score to the movie...which was supposedly fantastic, but it didn't stick in my skull at all. The Preview for Spidey2 looked good, too! Doc Ock is squatly stocky after all, has the dark glasses and moderately bad haircut.

Before the movies, the air was cool and fresh after a few hours rain, so we walked from my place to Las Olas. We had conversation over delicious bread, *huge* garden salads and Bass Ale in front of the Big City Tavern...(We didn't go to the propane-smelling bridge-place, because it was closed) we watched people go by, and gabbed about religion, the clothes young people are wearing these days, and Tolkien, mostly. A lot of our usual topics just didn't come up. The servers were excellent... left us alone, but slid in when we needed anything. We roamed up the street, past the singing fountain.. it was doing a Paul McCartney gig... Live and Let Die, and Magical Mystery Tour. It was especially well-synced to the Bond song.

After the movie, there was a lot of low-hanging mist or cloud cover, allowing for city lights to reflect back... it was pretty surreal.. made the horizon, and sky look like a movie backdrop.

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