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January 25th, 2004

6427 Indy TV memories, and stuff

Dr. Strangelove is even better than I remembered it to be... I think its one of those rare goodies that lets you find new stuff with every viewing.I don't remember the last time I saw it... maybe a decade and a half ago? Maybe longer. It was on Channel 29 (WFLX) before it was a Fox station.. back when they could show horror movies and not have to cut out the gore. The specialties there were Doctor Nausea (in the Elvira's Movie Macabre / Commander USA's Groovie Moovies vein - Saturday bad movie horror or kung fu with costumed wise guy host) and the "8-o'clock movie, with only 2 commercial intermissions" (The First time I saw Zardoz in full.. bored poor Pam half to death... She and I never quite saw eye to eye on bad/cheesy entertainment... We both tried, but her own bad-fandom lay elsewhere. She liked Seaquest DSV, for example... while I liked gen. brassbotom gets blammed by standing too close to the exhaust...again.Roger Ramjet cartoons.)

I really miss some of the old independent stations.. cable pretty much wiped them out. That Channel 29 was where I first caught Videodrome, too, oddly enough.

Random Scotto factoid: I called it Dr. StrangeGlove for about a year before ever seeing the movie. I think it was because of this promotional picture.

Ping-Pong Ball Avalanche Homepage

Japanese researchers drop 320,000 balls down a steep ramp, with videos

via lj_nifty -

memcache makes this really fast (and just gets faster the more people use it) so we'll probably stick this at the top of userinfo.bml by default later.... if you're logged in, you'll always see the path from you to the user you're viewing. And maybe a little icon beside the path (footsteps?) which link to the above URL where we could add some extra options... showing multiple paths, etc.
It's a lot faster than the lj_connect tool, but doesn't have all of the nifty toggles. The upside is that it'll be integrated into userinfo.

Who knew Crayola had a database of colors? This one links to Burnt Sienna, and includes a cultural history of brown, and historical information on this Crayola crayon. What a fun reference tool!

RSS Reader from Yahoo (in beta). If you are on MyYahoo, you can have it add RSS feeds from blogs, news sites, etc. to your page.

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