January 28th, 2004

scotto monkeypulse

6432 What kind of name is popsnuggle?

Ah, lovely rainy morning... A pity I can't sleep in and cuddle up to the kitty. Well, it makes me appreciate the days I can do so that much more.

Jethro Tull's David Palmer has Sex Change... now "Dee Palmer". Sort of surreal, considering she's in her mid to late 60's.

via ldy

Hmm... it seemed so unlikely, I googled around, and it appears to be true.

BBS profile of the Queen Mary 2, in port just a block or three down the road. A cruise ship that's 23 stories tall.

Groovy XP speed tweaks.

dabadaba music. "You know that 60s music where everyone's singing "dabadabadaba dee, dabadabadaba, doo'? "
found via - lileks most groovy! I've already downloaded most of the mp3s. I have an almost unhealthy enjoyment of these.

Con's hoax backfires; 'dead' girl alive, well

"Hollywood police spent two days digging in a vacant field, running a backhoe, sifting through dirt by hand and leading a cadaver dog named Chico around on a leash -- all because an inmate at Florida State Prison felt homesick."

USF scientists solve Chilean “blob” mystery

"When a huge, unidentifiable, gelatinous blob weighing 13 tons and measuring 41 feet long and 19 feet wide washed up on a beach in Chile in July, 2003, many speculated that it was the remains of a giant sea monster."Site Meter
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scotto monkeypulse

6433 email post - to do list

PT - 3:30 - 4:30/5ish

Launch community meeting info at 5pm (job 3718), via cell (don't be late!)

IHOP dindin with Kev @ 6pm - bring donna reed cereal! Meet him at FMM. Get XP pro donation for ACIM.

Polish up the documentation for training for SF,MA & ADP tomorrow.

Get some good snugs in with Newt!