January 29th, 2004

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Dinner with Kev and Bheesh was nice, we shot the breeze over IHOP orange juice. Kev's thickening up.. he's working out, it seems. Stuff still seems to be pretty much the same there... some drama, some long work hours. I'm glad that I've moved on from there, but I'm also happy that we still gab, too.

I haven't really heard from Sappho lately... I called a few days ago to say howdy, but she's been busy with travel, work, and the house. She's not really interested in getting together as pals like Kev is.

I'm just about ready to let MM perform without a net. after this week, my load will be lightened a bit. Now, to convince the Big Kahuna to let her take a weekend day, and I'll be set.

I made sure that I have 2 days off call in a row for my B'day... I'll still go in for daily duties despite my fondness for having it off... I still have to decide what to do for my beloved for vallie's day... amazon is nice, but I want to supplement that with something else.

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