January 31st, 2004

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6437 Making vids, prez quiz, Farewell Eddie Clontz

Making Danny a DVD of Lost In Translation today, my first real test of WinMPG Video convert on a large file. (I've fiddled with little movies of Alligators and other stuff I've captured with my camera, but never some 700 meg gargantuan.) If it works out, I'll try a VCD of Time Bandits for him, to. I'll give it to him when he takes me out to dinner on Monday. (Handy burning hints are at DVDRhelp.com... even handier is just using Nero)

Just got an email update - Federal return 1/31/2004 6:07:59 AM Accepted - That's that!

Also got my first in the wave of PIF virus-attached emails. I knew to look for it, but my web interface is nice enough to scan before downloading, too.

I don't know why, but Newt is interested in taking bites out of the line of my left bicep this morning.

I wonder which of the RenFaeries will be at the show this year?

Via President Match (via argumentplease )

1 Kerry Score: 100%
2 Edwards Score: 95%
3 Clark Score: 93%
4 Kucinich Score: 91%
5 Dean Score: 90%
6 Lieberman Score: 88%
7 Sharpton Score: 85%
8 Bush Score: 31%

These scores are a little misleading, but overall, it seems fairly accurate.

A history of Early Motive / Pop-up books. The Illustrations on some are great.

Friends will miss editor - as will Bat Boy

Eddie Clontz died early Monday in Salt Springs, near Ocala. Complications from diabetes. Only 56, he was one of the most creative guys in the business, although you won't find his brand of journalism in a daily newspaper. Until three years ago, Eddie edited the Weekly World News.Collapse )Site Meter
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6438 Firefly thoughts, wet outside, marble game.

My agent is going to eyeball some condos out in Hollywood for me today... With any luck, tomorrow morning, I'll be able to get a good look-see at a few nice ones, after chores get done.

Zuma... a fun little marble game.

Damp, Dark, wet, chilly day. Florida is playing at being Seattle.. or Stereotypical London, perhaps. I have been quite enjoying it.

Well, I've seen a couple episodes of Firefly, now, and it's a cute series. Elements that I especially like is the western feel, and the majority of the characters are nice enough. Also nice is the lack of aliens... Humans have plenty of drama to go around on their own...plus, I'm a sucker for western-style space stories.

  • The Captain (Malcolm) - Kind of bland, but an ok guy. My idea of the best "bland leader guy in a pseudo-western" is Brisco County, Jr. Hard to live up to that.

  • The Combat Chick (Zoe)- entertaining, but I keep seeing her as the backup girl from Cleopatra 2525. I'm sick of the name Zoe, too.

  • The Pilot / Combat Chick's Husband (Wash)- I like him. He's got a minor part in the series, but it's a good one. May be my fave. Like me, makes little rubber dinosaurs play out melodramas when otherwise bored.

  • The Prostitute (Inara) - bores me to tears. A romance between her and boring captain is boring2. I don't feel any tension there.

  • The Mechanic Girl (Kaylee)- I like her. Hard not to like a cheery, cute, sort of shy redhead with a brain. Also may be my fave.

  • The Thug Guy (Jayne)- entertaining lines, but a super-stereotype. The actor doesn't have a lot of room to maneuver.

  • The Doctor (Simon) - Haven't seen enough to get a vibe.

  • Smartie/Emotionally Fragile girl (River)- Haven't seen enough to get a vibe.

  • Priest (book)- Even though it's Detective Harris from Barney Miller, he's aged and different enough that I can split him into another role (unlike combat chick). He's the third member of my "big three" characters.
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All told, it blows away the last two Star Treks.. Voyager and Enterprise. Though that's not really saying much. It's on a par with Andromeda. Not uber-great, but better than most of what's on TV.
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