February 1st, 2004

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Hm... a couple of glaring holes in there. I'd almost have thought that I'd have seen all of them.

Toodle-loo, go with God, and don't take any wooden nickels, dear journal.
scotto piercing gaze superhero

6440 Rewind to 1/23/04, 7:30 am

Oh, this was left on my camera... there's some of those JW's from before.

Don't worry, I've encased them in protective Sinestro forcefields. (Thank you, Qwardian weaponsmiths! Weaponers? What kind of word is that?)

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I think that I've seen the guy on the left in at least five different cowboy hats, depending on the day.

In other news, I'm debating going on walkabout today, since all my Sunday hubbub is out of the way. Can't reach my agent, so I'm more free than I thought I might have been.
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Florida LP (local)

6441 Florida Weather... It sure is rainy for the dry season!

Florida Division of Forestry has lots of local links that are nifty. (via a sidebar in 1st&main)

We've had 5.5 inches of rain this month, and it's only the first!

Here's a list of the soon-to-be-dead KB stores, organized by state. If you ain't down with watching a football game today, maybe you should head to KB and get some slashed-price goodies. I think that's what I'll be doing. (via matt) Maybe I'll hit the Boynton Beach store.... I think that's where the GrayPumpkin and Katt first met. It'd be nice to get a memento before it turns into a "Scotch Tape Store" (like that ancient SNL skit).Site Meter

[update- 6:42pm] - It's sunday.. The Malls close at 5pm. no way to make it there tonight, so instead, I opted for a chocolate milkshake and peoplewatching at Picasso Joe's.
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