February 6th, 2004

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6449 and then today...

Heard from the family. Bro says his cell phone was drained, and the momster flaked it. We'll try again next week.

Sunday, I'll be putting in a quick visit to the RenFest with the Big Kahuna. I'm actually looking more toward the one in Vizcaya, next month. Hm...Maybe I'll find some more fun trinkets for my beloved there.

Speaking of loved ones....

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Two-Headed Baby To Have Surgery (pictures not for the squeamish)

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scotto monkeypulse

6450 playing with formatting

The sun was shining, while it rained.Lots of good luck today... Fox wedding weather. Right as the water began to fall, my ride arrived... 3 minutes early. (2 minutes after I arrived.) I was only mildly misted before the big wet came down.

Observation about being on the bus... it was perfect today. The right temperature, smiling driver, smooth ride, and no stinky-types, either.

Well, sickies have pretty much passed me by. I'm feeling much better today than yesterday, but I'm still tanking up on tasty tea and toast with honey.

When I'm a little under the weather, it seems that my normal tunnel vision is replaced by a wider field of vision, but the focus isn't as tight. Broader view, with less fine detail. I don't know if that's good, or bad... just a self-thought.

Random Factoid - 1/3 of Americans have consumed ground beef in the last 24 hours.

Who's taking up my slack?

Also, I sort of like how the super/subscript looks on the fraction there.

Where do you go--
What do you do--
The night after you saved the universe?

Acquire a sense of scale

Ugh.. I'm full of liquids, but I'm still thirsty. That's annoying.

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