February 7th, 2004

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6451 spam poll

Wow, got a load of comment-spam from (zyrtec.ihc-services.com hosted via bellsouth) overnight... this is why I screen anonymous posts. (I haven't had to screen all "non-friends" yet.) Subject line was "hi", body was a collection of about 35 hyperlinks for assorted drugs. This is the downside of being so heavily indexed.

They were reported to abuse@bellsouth.net with IP address, time/date, message header, and attack logs, but I don't expect much to happen.

Poll #245145 Spamitty-spam

How Much junk email do you get on an average day?

practically None!
over 100!

Do you use a filter of some kind to trash bad mail?

yup, a junk email addy for web-stuff
yup, by keywords
yup, by known bad guys
yup, by additional software
nope, not a bit

ever gotten comment spam in your journal / blog / webpage guest book?


I get about 10-15 a day that make it through my filters... my bulk mail folder catches about another 30-50, usually.

My mostly-unused hotmail account (only to register on websites or the like) gets about another 30 a day.Site Meter
scotto monkeypulse

6452 palm scribble, linkies, more spam.

Newt was rather talkative when I was ill on Thursday.

Hm... more spam, via dead journal (I only use it as a placeholder, or a location to store entries when LJ was in its "crashadoodle phase"... something that brought up the old dream picture, and hitting that way. Now they're doing it to my old posts in Deadjournal, too.(You can see there's a screened comment by the "o comments link Fortunately, I can screen entries I've posted in communities, too. It seems to be bouncing around august of 2001 for whatever reason.

Pretend Comic covers - Batman's Moon Patrol, and Monkey! (link via progressiveruin)...I'm glad someone else is doing the work of scraping the good stuff off of the John Byrne Forums...I've never much liked his style of comics... very little creativity, and all of the faces he drew looked the same to me. It's hard enough to tell folks apart if you get Cap, Hawkeye and Pym unmasked in the same room together. Scroll down for a nice assortment of covers... if you follow the thread long enough, there's all sorts of goodies, including theme music.

There are some really great coloring-in pictures here -


They are all weather-themed famous paintings. (via coloringbook)

Can you tell a true smile from a fake one?

I scored 15 out of 20... 75%. These folks did have a very "British" look about them...I wonder if I'd have done a better score with other USA-folk?

Purportal - That story that your brother-in-law just sent to you and forty other people sounds true... Put it to the test here. (meta-engine that searches multiple databases, including snopes, upban legends, and symantec)

AllRefer has a dictionary, gazetteer, and other reference links online.
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