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February 9th, 2004

6456 RIP, J.S. , meme, Long distance

Julie Schwartz passed away this weekend. Thanks for getting the Silver Age of comics rolling, and all the things you did afterward for the industry as well. You'll be remembered long after there are words in a voice-balloon on a four-color page.

My Creepy Valentine - Sometimes it's the expression on a face. Maybe it's the off-kilter sentiment expressed in the wording. Maybe it's just a monkey. These are genuine valentines that no one with half a brain would send on February 14. Gallery 2 is even worse (or even better, depending on how you look at it) than Gallery 1.

Organic Machinery, a showcase of computationally generated insects. Cool.

The Official Laurel and Hardy website.

Historical Museum of Southern Florida (I forget if I linked here before.)

Well, rather than a day out and about, I just took a quick jaunt down to Picasso Joe's, picked up a root beer float and just got a bit of fresh air. I saw a guy that looked like William Schallert.Site Meter

Newt and I snack from similar containers. He has a silver pouch filled with pounce-treats, and I have one filled with York peppermint bites.

There's an offer to get unlimited long distance all over the US and Canada for $5 a month. I think I'll invest in that, even though I currently don't make $5 worth of long distance calls. I could've really made great use of that back when I was using dial-up BBSes, back in the day. There are a couple of people scattered around the map that I've been wanting to talk to more often, and this could be a good way of implementing it.

Who are you? layer-memeCollapse )

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