February 10th, 2004

2 - zombie scotto

6458 went looking for places last night.

Two of the places I looked at tonight had potential... I really liked the one in west Hollywood, by the courthouse. Nice enough neighborhood, quiet, lots of room inside, wood and tile floors, bathroom needs a little work.

After looking them over, I picked up a slice of Pizza on Hollywood blvd at a little hole in the wall joint. Next door to it was a place I'd never seen before...Collapse )Site Meter

Braaaaains! I rather like the pseudo-flames over the pseudo-columns. I think that I could have fun photoshopping that.

I'm sure it's nothing like how *I* would run a zombie night club. I'd want the reanimated corpse of Desi Arnaz playing babaloo. (Hey, we are close to Miami, you know.)

Of course, it wouldn't last long... there's a noted dearth of brain matter in that part of town... now I know why!

Sunday, I'll go look again at the potential habitats in natural daylight, and take some piccies.

A new battle starting up in the haikuarena.... the first in quite a while.
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