February 12th, 2004

Kind lady

6460 Chex mix.

Hooray for mimi and snail-mail goodies!

I got some fun loot yesterday in the mail. A nice letter, a cool little turtle with googly-eyes made of cowrie shells, wearing a straw sombrero, nirvana "in utero"postcard, a nifty "I <3 livejournal" pin, and a Hello Kitty Puzzle-valentine to me and Newt!

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Went to Dinner with Mom and Bro last night.. it was nice, we made small tlak and had good Thai food... but afterward, my batteries were totally drained. I went to bed early to try to catch up, but I'm still a bit sleepy.

Made plans to get together with the Hippies on Friday night... maybe get a round or three of mage night down and gobble up some tasty veggie burger. (I still haven't seen the new baby, and I hear Mayah is huge now.) Poor Dave is just working like crazy between the two houses, and his regular gig... Cathi recently got a different deal at work... a pay cut, but a much higher percentage of the commission. Upside, she still can work from home and care for the kidlets full time.

Upcoming feature I will probably never, ever use. - Time limited comments. I know that I *like* getting comments from folk that have found my journal via a google search, and want to make some sort of friendly remark or another. I could see where it might have some limited use to others. Give me eternal comments! (Albeit with the ability to screen 'em!)

Newt's been the biggest sweetheart lately, chasing and playing and snuggling like a champ... and only sometimes having a snooze on the books I want to read. When he rears up on only his hind legs, it looks like he's some sort of demented Daniel Striped Tiger puppet. (I don't know if I'd call Newt tame, though... and he rarely wears a wristwatch.)

I can't believe that Bellsouth has my payment records all the way back to 1994. I'm even more impressed that the bill has never been late, in over 10 years. (FPL only has my records going back to 2001.) Hooray for paying in a timely manner! Hopefully, this means that I can slide into a new place by the end of March, if I decide to make an offer next week.

There's something very surreal about this whole scene. I think it's just how outnumbered the soon to be terminated duckling is by the blue-suits. The Duckie seems to be saying something sassy, too... I bet he wasn't even sick... he just ticked off Johnny Health-Law, and now he's got to be made an example. Bad way to play it, Mr. Sassy-bill. I wonder if I think Ducks are wise guys, thanks to Cartoons? Daffy, Donald, Howard, ugh.. Baby Huey. .. are there any non-jerky primary-character ducks? (Not counting whole cities of ducks, lik ethe rest of the Disney-verse) Yakky Doodle and Dinky, maybe, but they're third-stringers at *best*... but they are more duckling than duck, like the little guy above.
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