February 15th, 2004

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6464 Sunday, Sunday...

Looks like most of the condos will run about $650-750 a month, with mortgage, maintenance and misc charges. A trifle more than I was expecting, but still quite well within budget. Off to look at more on what I hope to be a fine Sunday morning.

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Random Scotto Factoid- the scent of sandalwood makes me happy.

Hey! They changed the facing of the Sun Sentinel Cam! (Some archives here)

I rather liked the old facing better, but I guess it moved to a new office.

From left to right, you are seeing: The bandshell for DDA/Bubier Park (looks like a white potato chip); the Travel Guard building, which is one of the oldest buildings in downtown; Las Olas Boulevard, which is the curving road, and the Museum of Art, the structure on the far right. In the background, you see the Las Olas Riverfront area and the white building in the far distance at the center is the Museum of Discovery and Science. In the immediate foreground is the sales center for a condominium tower, which is under construction near the bottom left.

This is a view from the Sun-Sentinel.com offices in downtown Fort Lauderdale looking east down Las Olas Boulevard. In the far distance is the Atlantic Ocean.

I don't know what this Grow thing is, but I got 9600 points [update- best score is 13300], and I'm amused. (pointed by waxy_org)

Crittercam features a camera and environmental data sensors attached to an animal—from a shark or turtle to a lion or seal—that capture amazing wild behavior unaffected by humans. Such a simple idea yields fascinating results.

Comic Books!

Whoa, someone has a lot of time on his hands...A whole mess o' comics, scanned into the computer.Site Meter - via scans_daily

Cool go-go clock in shockwave

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6465 Laundry done, looked at condos

And now it's time to relax. The one place I really liked has been bid on by someone else, and most of the others I scoped out didn't tickle my fancy. One in Hollywood, East of 95 looks nice, in a quiet community, but needs some work. I will continue my search.

At the 'mat, a little girl gave me a piece of Valentine's day candy. (After asking her mother first if it was ok...) Very cute of her, I accepted and it was quite tasty.. a dark-chocolate covered raspberry whip. The mom, little gal (six years old) and I gabbed as laundry spun. the Dad is a fireman, and on call... the mom is a homemaker, so they get to spend lots of time with the munchkin, who was *very* well-spoken and on good behavior.

draw your boss
"The purpose of this site is to stick it to the man by showcasing pictures people draw of their bosses. An easy way to make a drawing on your computer is to use the "Paint" program in Windows, then save the file as a .JPG file. Mac users can make a picture using Appleworks."

I feel great!

(sent to me by a zillion people) made by these guys Punching guy looks a bit like Rik Landis to me... the easy gap-toothed smile.Site Meter
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