February 19th, 2004

2 - zombie scotto

6471 Let's pretend we're postage stamps!

PT went well last night... I'll be getting a TENS unit for home use, and I think that'll make things extra comfy for me. I'll use it for Russian stim as well as a massage unit... I think it'll get some of the harder to work areas up to snuff pretty quickly.

Contemplating a pre-order for City of Heroes I like the prestige power "Rush".. but it's another pay-per-month game... I don't know how long I can dig those.

The World of Stuff mentioned my name to a City Link (A local indy-style paper) reporter yesterday, regarding local South Florida blogs, and she'd already heard of me... Kind of wacky hearing about myself in the third person like that. I wonder if I'll hear from them...or if I picked the wrong week to post a TMI, or if my mail filters accidentally chopped an email off, for that matter. Stuff is getting interviewed by CL and the Sentinel. Good for you, Jordan!

Crunchtime - Fight Zombies in the comfort of your own office with a stapler.

Making Fiends #7! Apparently, Vendetta is miniMAX's daughter, after all. Oh, why can't Weird Emma update as often? That reminds me. I must brush!

India-pop sampling the guitar riff from Magnum PI with Farsi singing in the bachground is just wrong, somehow. (see music)

Missing for 14 years, teen finds himself on internet Collapse )
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