February 22nd, 2004

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Late Sunday Morning. Quiet, so far, and I'm in for the day, due to being on call.

Danny's Wife supplemental - Yesterday, she basically said that all gay men are pedophiles.

Random fragment - I remember in the old days of gaming D&D that you could learn "Alignment Languages". Everyone that was Chaotic Evil, for example, knew a common tongue...I'm not sure if it's worse, but other folks could learn other alignment languages, too. (So, a Paladin, who was Lawful Good, could interrogate that Chaotic Evil orc) I don't know it was inspired by Sauron's Kiddies' Black speech or not, but I thought it was interesting in theory, but dopey in practice.

Actually, alignments as a whole were a good springboard for how to play your characters... It narrowed life into nine handy slots on a 3x3 grid of good/neutral/evil on the X axis, and lawful / neutral/chaotic on the Y axis.

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It amused me to see a party with both a Paladin (generally lawful good) and an Assassin (generally Neutral Evil)... Paladins and priests both usually had a "sense evil" ability, too, so it was rare that a villain in your group could hide out for an extended rate of time. Add to the mix a Thief that's usually Chaotic Neutral, and who knows what sort of attitude a fighter or Mage might have... you get a collection of people with philosophies on all edges of the spectrum. In Vaguely Related Linkage, The Adventures of Evil Overmom
Mice produce sperm from monkeys: Mice have been used to produce viable monkey sperm using tissue transplanted from the testes of macaques. The latest procedure involves transplanting a tiny amount of testicular tissue from an immature rhesus macaque monkey under the skin of a lab mouse. After seven months, the testes grafts on the backs of the mice were seen to produce viable sperm. Grafting immature testis tissue appears to work because the host mouse had been castrated, Dobrinski says.

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