March 1st, 2004

Jupiter and Thetis - J.A.D. Ingres

6502 Blueberry Doughnuts, Meme, Factoid and so on.

While the washing spun, I got a pair of blueberry doughnuts at the nearby Dunkin's. Tasted close enough to pancakes to make me happy, and to think of yesterday's waking dreams.

Paid another month's rent, because I haven't received a reply on my purchase offer yet.

Brother now knows his truck is in impound and wasn't happy about that. Andy is still in the clink too... I wonder how long it'll take for eviction to be rolled over? He's going to call me with a piece of paper next time, so he can get the mother's number to call, too. He was pretty mad that the truck was in impound... but he should have expected it.

I can't believe it's March already!

Current nifty meme... everyone's doin' it.

Reply to this entry by posting a picture of yourself in the comment, then post this sentence in your journal.

I really dig piccies. Show me!

The NYT doesn't allow employees to have personal blogs... hm.

Random Scotto Factoid - I've always thought phrenology busts were very cool, and would like one that fits on my bookshelves.

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Little Fluffy Industries - a building collection of flash games on the net. he's off to a fine start.

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6503- email post - preferred condo denied

It seems the seller wants hang on to it for a while,so we'll need to move on.
The place just won't appraise out to the amount she's asking for.

Next place to check out will be Garden Terrace. Not sure if I'll offer on it or
not...Much roomier (a 2-bedroom), but may need more hard work.

No hard feelings on it either way... it would've been nice, but I'm only going to go fair market value.

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6504 - email update - bro

Just spoke to the pre-trial office,they said bro was denied the pre-trial(which
puts them on house arrest or release until trial date) because of the
outstanding offence. I spoke to the public defenders office and he said the
judge assigns a public defender at his arrainment. I asked how long that would
be,he said up to 30 days.Looks like he's stuck there until it comes up. He can
call the nurse and they will supply any inhalers or other non-contraband
medicine he might need.

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6505 Brain belch

Tonight is ADP's first evening on call. I'm "on call" as a babysitter, in case she can't hack it, has a major issue, or needs my help in some other way. I hope she can cut it.. I'd like to assign her to two nights a week. two less I have to deal with.

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Next homestead possibility is in Hollywood, much closer to Federal Highway, and it's east of Fed, so it's in a good neighborhood... about half a mile from Holland Park. More floorspace, with an unusual layout.. someone walled around the porch, so it became another room, albeit a long and lean one.

Random Scotto Factoid - The first pets I had when I was out on my own were a pair of hermit crabs; I and O.... two different kinds.. I was blue, and O was red.. they were a lot of fun, though Katt referred to them as "Bugs in shells!" and that's ok.

Today, crossing the street, I was nearly squashed flat by a person that doesn't care about pedestrians on crosswalks. I saw the person driving, and she flipped me a bird, even though I had the walk sign, and the light was against her. I hope that when she finally gets into an accident that she doesn't hurt anyone too badly.

Brother told me that he's sleeping on a floor in a common area on the 6th floor of the jail, because of how overcrowded it is in there. I'd hope that they'd at least get cots. From what I've seen in the past, most prisoners are warehoused and are basically not permitted much by way of activity.

An annoying thing is that I can't send him a care package. He's required to purchase any extras (like shampoo, instead of plain addition to soap or additional underwear or socks, or junk food items) from the jail canteen. A nice little monopoly. He can receive, but not possess, money. All monies must be sent to the inmate bank by money order or bank draft (no personal checks or cash) to be deposited into the prisoner's account. The prisoner may dispose of these monies in two ways (1) Use the issued identification card with a bar code in the prison's canteen; (2) issue a special withdrawal check to any person or entity.

Last time I had to contend with visiting someone in prison was 9/7/2000 - see entries after 10:30pm

I wonder if Damien is out of prison now, speaking of people in jail. There's a guy I'd be happy never to see again. He's the guy in the tie die, hands on his knees, middle row, leftmost side in this picture. He's a prime example of why you shouldn't smoke dope when you're pregnant. (His mother, Deirdre is at the top center with her boyfriend Neil. Neil was cool... he and I were the only hippie-types who could discuss Doc Savage and the shadow at length.

Let's see.. the picture top to bottom, left to right. to the Right of Damien in the Yellow and pink tie dye is Cathi, and in the White T-shirt is Dave, my Heroclix-hippie pal. To the Right is some guy I don't remember, and I'm floating in the background as a disembodied head and elbow. All the way on the left is a Brazilian guy named Gustavo and his brother is holding the guitar.. I forget his name, but he was *really* great at classical guitar, but he mostly played stuff more mainstream. The girl in the black sweater with the white stripe was Heather, who was good at inhaling and inhaling. Amazingly skilled, like Pearly Sweetcake. to th right of her is Kenny the Klown, street performer, stilt walker, and master of the balloon hat. On the right of Kenny is Eryn, Brian Santangelo (his last night in Florida. he moved back to Pennsylvania.. got into trouble with heroin, sadly. On the right, is Brian's father. Above is the other Brian, and Leisa.(see balloon picture above) last but not least is is Nugg and Squirrel. (My nickname with them was Bear, too...) Nugg went to Hawaii, and I told him to look my brother up.. they never did, but Nugg was very cool. he was very soft-spoken, and looked like a bizarre mix of Cousin Oliver, a cabbage patch doll, and John Denver. He and Squirrel broke up when he moved... I think she's in Colorado now.
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