March 2nd, 2004

Florida LP (local)

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ADP Gets an F for her first night. Her computer was too slow and it took her 2 hours to launch a 10 minute job. I'm going to see if I can send her home with a laptop tomorrow...hopefully that'll speed her up. Otherwise, she's got no future as a tech. She seemed more interested in getting a full night's pay than the safety of a child...because of that I feel that she needs a priority adjustment, and quick. She's not selling used books here.

Beverly Hills Cop was on last night...I forgot how fun that movie is. A fine flashback to 1984. A good year for movies. Gremlins, Terminator, Dune, Spinal Tap, Ghostbusters. Made for me being a happy freshman/sophomore in high school.

Newt-clipso, painted in approximately 15 seconds.
He's not nearly so sleepy as I was.

Man eaten by his pet spiders Collapse )

Forget the Gators: Exotic Pets Run Wild in Florida - By Abby Goodnough Collapse )Site Meter

Upwind, there is a splash as a 'gator thrashes its tail, nosing out into the deep water. The vine-draped shadows beckon. The ancient trees whisper...their leaves are a burnished crimson in the first shafts of dawn....Until later, dear journal.
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Play monkey! Play!

6507 - email post, more comment spam...

Sorry porno link spammer... all of my entries *still* screen out that stuff. I
wonder how long it'll be before I have to screen "non-friends"?

I don't even allow porno spam as my paid linkies, devil take you if you think
I'll give it to you for free.

entries 6391, 6404, and 6420.

Regarding the Year of the monkey, Monkeys at Hertz rent a car and earth monkey
zodiac. and all were more than 20k in length.

A pattern? or do I just talk about monkeys a lot?

Unrelated, but an update - roomy condo I was going to bid on got snapped up.