March 6th, 2004

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6514 To the Vet!

Newtie at the vet for shots and such.

He was a very good boy.. no muss, no fuss, and was perfectly content to take his shots like a man. erm, tomcat. He was a bit nervous and skulky when I first put him in the travel-box, but he was fine, once we got moving. He wasn't drooly or cranky at all this time. His weight is still the same, and the doctor complimented him on how clean, fit, and well-loved he is.

Newt Relaxing near a diagram of a cat's ear and tissue box.
I love his little bendy-paw.

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Hmm.. now was the time I was going to visit the bro. I think I'll just clean up the bathroom, play with the very good boy, and then head over to Kev's to goof around and exchange belated birthday prezzies.

Until later, dear journal.

Haunted by "strigoi" - the undead - villagers on the slopes of the Carpathian mountains exhume a corpse from the graveyard and drive a stake through its heart to banish the evil spirit. They burn the remains of the heart, mix the ashes with water from the local well and drink it, to complete the macabre ritual. Scenes from a shlock vampire B-movie? No; all this took place in February 2004 at a village in Dolj County, south-western Romania, according to Romanian Antena 1 TV news.

But the "Strigoi Show", as the TV dubbed it light-heartedly, has prompted such a stir about local customs and culture, the national press is questioning whether the ex-communist Balkan country will truly be ready to enter the European Union in 2007... (via diepunyhumans)

Finally it's back up again : The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives.

Radar on a Chip Means Radar on the Cheap
Late last month, an associate professor by the name of Ali Hajimiri of the California Institute of Technology announced that he had come up with a radar system on a chip. This is significant for two reasons. First, its tiny dimensions (one-fifteenth the diameter of a penny) will make it possible to add radar-like functionality to almost any wireless device no matter how small it is. Second, the price of anything that can be manufactured in a silicon fabrication plant will plummet as the number of units shipped increases. Will the next decade be known as the "Radar Age"?

Maybe so. Hajimiri's radar on a chip could replace a lot of existing dish antennae, like the kind you have on your roof to watch satellite TV. The frequency at which the chip runs - 24 Gigahertz - falls right into the spectrum allocated by the FCC for vehicular radar systems. These chips could be embedded into a car to give it 360-degree, all weather vision, protecting the occupants from reckless drivers and other highway hazards.
Of course... my first thought?

Hey, now you could make Mageknight/Heroclix minis with automatic range validation! Seriously, though, I'd love to have a chip like that in my palmtop. *All sorts* of applications could be opened up. (Especially the Antenna one.)

The Exorcist in 30 seconds. (and re-enacted by bunnies) - via waxy_org

The TENS unit is heavenly. Very powerful, very customizable, works well with my sitting and standing positions, and small enough to take with me out and about. Pretty Frickin' awesome.

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