March 9th, 2004

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got a cool air-freshener and sushi postcard in the mail yesterday... thanks, calamity! It was my pleasure to be the first one to add a little dinero to the transportation fund! I hope you get some good travel-luck soon.

My favorite commentary on the whole TPotC thing thus far -

(via byrd)

Star Trek on ice!
Random weird connection of the day (at least to me)

Kathy Garver - Cissy from Family Affair was the voice of Firestar on Spider-man and his Amazing Friends, and Rachel in The Ten Commandments. From her Family Affair Days, she looked a lot like my babysitter's pal Patty, whom I had a terribly fierce, yet platonic crush on as a young pod. I think that Kathy was quite the cutie in her time.

Spalding Gray has been found... sadly, it was in the East River.

He was one of my favorite monologists (is that a word?), and was a fascinating person overall. He'll be missed, a lot. Monster in a Box was even better than Swimming to Cambodia, in my opinion. I still think of barking like a dog when stressed and buying pens for parking validation at a doctor's office.

I hope you've found some peace, at last... but it's a shame you had to step out the way you did.
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scotto monkeypulse

6519 - email post - more lj-spam

user valentit_love9 is spamming all of the same entries that I got the indian
porn spam in previously. that user has been banned, but if I get another spam,
I'll screen all non-linked people in LJ as well as just anonymous comments.

I wonder what keywords are activating those entries?

Obviously a bum account though...

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1367 comments posted in under 12 hours?

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