March 10th, 2004

Florida LP (local)

6521 just a cool hot-dogger hangin' ten today.

Well, I'm going to have to hit the green grocer after my normal day's duties. I fell a bit off of my points-diet last week, and I should get back on task. Less bread, more greens! Also, I'm craving skinny cow ice cream sammiches. I will not get any "spring oreos" with robins egg blue filling, even if they do have cute ladybugs on the cookies.

I voted yesterday... there were *no* other voters there when I arrived at lunchtime. I got to use the touchscreen system, but didn't see any members of Pax Christi anywhere.

Got my business cards... put my first one to use yesterday.. tossed it in the free-lunch fishbowl at quiznos. Newbie does a pretty funny "they got a pepper bar" impersonation.

MONKEY POPS! (with sound) Yummmmy

The TENS is a joy. I wish I'd gotten insurance to send me one ages ago.

Gator goes for ride on the bus - A Pasco school bus driver brakes for the 4-foot reptile, which students haul onboard. Collapse )

Aside... Lacoochee is the funniest city name I've heard today.

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6522- another spammer attack

Another attack, I'm now going to screen comments by anyone I don't actively
link to, in order to prevent more messy spam.

hits struck on entries 6402 and 6427, again.

[update-9:40am offending journal suspended. nice work, abuse team!]

remember, if you want to complain about spammers, it's just a link away...