March 12th, 2004

voodoo love

6527 Woke up in a hugger mood

I want to give my beloved some strong noggin-squeezin's. A good solid snug-squish, to let he know that she's adored.

speaking of Head-hugs...

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Pretty frickin' keen video of Madvillain. Super Science, Thugs, A seemingly Mallah/Brain relationship, groovy resamples, Kirby-tech, and guys in wrestling masks.

No sprinkles! For every sprinkle I find, I shall kill you.
Actually... I rather like sprinkles.

Alton Brown is AOK!

TV cliches cataloged
Here's a Wiki cataloging, with cited examples, all the eye-rolling idiot plots from sitcomdom.
Gilligan Cut
The Gilligan Cut is a classic staple of comedy. A character protests vehemently, "What, you expect me to wear a grass skirt, stand up on top of Empire State Building and belt out the chorus of 'New York, New York'? Well, I'm not gonna... I'm just not gonna..." And then you cut, and see the character doing just that. The Gilligan Cut. Comedy ain't pretty.

I had Thursday night on call, because MM has finals on Friday. Given the attitude and aptitude shown by CS lately, he might get pulled from being on call... with a pay cut, or job cut to match, perhaps. We'll see what happens.

Newtcam and other pages on my site are suffering since the host got smacked. I notice all of my files timestamps have been reset to 3/11/04, too... that makes archival information a smidge more difficult. Fortunately, the errors only lay in XML/XSL right now... at least links to Newt's Picture still works.

The author of California's anti-gay marriage law? His son just got married. To a guy.

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