March 13th, 2004

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6528 - 2890 characters long

City of Heroes update (via Whimsy) Making it hard for me to pass up.

I'm thinking of some sort of leapfrog guy... maybe sort of Batroc the Leaper. Hey, Batroc has his own Blog!

Bro's current situation... going to get his truck out of hock today. $500ish. Public Defender says that it looks like he'll probably get three years probation, after sitting tight waiting for trial for another two weeks or so. I'm going to visit him at the North Broward facility.Site Meter

Apparently my Dad's Brother was in town for a few days, and I missed him this week. I heard from my Uncle Bob last night (Val's Hubby, Rhonda & Russ's Pop), and he mentioned that he was down. Funny thing is that Bobby is pretty dang laid back, and Bill is rather bombastic and overbearing. (in Bobby's words, "it was a nice short visit.... taken best in small doses. 1 aspirin good, a bottle, bad.)

Trying to trim this gif to 40k for icon use (from the video found here)...It may be simpler to redraw it in black and white.

Rockin' Video (Walkie Talkie Man)... with amazing knitting. Hooray for nutty yarn recording studios! via

Had a nice time gabbin' with sammykunSammy last night... I got to preach the word of The GIMP art program... originally for UNIX, there are now Windows, OS/2 and Mac versions available.

Neat Cemetery Search Engine
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scotto piercing gaze superhero

6529 day's end

The 2 -bedroom was snapped up between yesterday and today. I expected as much.. the deal was really sweet. The smaller one with the balcony was nice, central air, new appliances. It's practically in lighthouse point, though... just a little North of my old apartments in pompano, near the blimp base. I'm not going to set myself up for another 2 hour commute each way... just can't happen. So, I'll continue my search.

Bro's truck is officially out of hock, parked atop the mother's building, so it's pretty secure.

Nifty... Same comic, in 30-something different perspectives / styles. I'm rather fond of "sound effects", "exorcise in style", and "a life".Site Meter

I'm looking forward to this summer in lots of new developments in beta. I can only call 'em rumor, for now, but it'd be nice to see 'em. Still don't know what happened with D... she doesn't want to hang out with the gang lately.

Hm, they're rebooting the Doom Patrol... I guess Danny the Street, Rebis and Crazy Jane never existed? Will Niles Caulder Be a complete bastard? Will Josh Clay be alive again? I don't really care either way. I never was too much of a stickler for continuity, and think that Morrison's stuff stands on its own as groovy tales. Byrne's art is so bland and mainform after seeing the more stylized stuff by Richard Case from the 90s... and he's never been my fave writer, either.

Danny the street talk -
Tip-Top Eek: Beautiful Face
Bona-To-Vada: Good to see you
Bona-La: Goodbye
Ah well... maybe it'll get them rolling again, but I fear that the Doom Patrol, the Metal Men, the legion of super-pets and all the wonderful, weirdo second-stringers will just keep bubbling to the surface every decade or so, and then sink back into comic-book soup again until the next resurrection.

Side note: I like Case's Art Nouveau Hawkgirl, from the Art Nouveau project

Until today, I'd never seen Starbucks abbreviated as *$. Clever. I'll probably use that.

Interesting Encyclopedia of Dance... the Bellydance entry is especially robust.

Stretching a metaphor too far department- Collapse )
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