March 16th, 2004

Kind lady

6532 Week continues to roll on.

Danny's solo this week... wife's attending her nephew's funeral in NC. A pity I'm slammed with being on call this weekend, due to MA having a wedding to attend. Bah! Hopefully, I can get ADP to cover on Friday, to make up for being sick last night. Sat/Sun is bad enough... I've been spoiled by lucky schedules in recent weekends. Maybe we can do a breakfast on Sat, if we stay close to the HQ.Site Meter

DevilFinder, high-res image searching (via) Scottobear returns mostly newtie cam-pics.

The Lambiek Comiclopedia: an illustrated compendium of over 4,500 international comic artists with biographies and artwork examples. (The things you find searching for Peter Pontiac...a whole exhibition!)

Watched the first Austin Powers movie last night... probably the first time I've seen it in about 5 years. I forgot how good the first one was, before it was diluted by the sequels and unfunny people saying "yeah, baby, yeah!" It was nice to see it fresh again after so many years.

Paper toys department - (via)

A whole lot, from wrigley field to bruce lee paper dolls.

Victorian Submarine - steampunk

More foldable, glue-able PDFs -- this time, it's ultra-fab Japanese paper robots.

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Kind lady

6533 - email post - Home page is alive again! good deal!

my sub-pages are up and working again... the only thing lost was the tagboard
on my toybox... which hasn't seen use in weeks, anyhow. I'll replace it with a guestbook later on. My primary concern was Newtcam and Blog page (the only
really dynamic sections of my site.)

My mail should be working again, too... right after I sent a mass mailing out to about 20 people informing them that mail has been dropped into a black hole last week. Ah well, I'll get it straightened out again.

Rik and Whims are both tempting me with the City of Heroes pre-release. I don't think Sammy'll be too keen on it, given how rough FFXI was on him.

I'll probably play, at least for a month, if my schedule will permit it
comfortably. I'm thinking I'll probably stick with a variant on La
Grenouielle... Green suit, superleap, long ranged attack, other toad-like
powers. Science or Nature Based SFX, I think.