March 20th, 2004

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6543 Sattahdee

Really getting into OpenOffice... the database side is rather dependent on outside sources, though there are ODBC workarounds. I *really* prefer the presentation software to powerpoint. (Outputs presentations to Flash/ pdf , if I like... nice!)

Best of all, if all goes well, it can be installed at the company, and then site lisc's will no longer be an issue. I half want to make the jump all the way to Linux boxes, but I don't see that happening.

I figured out who the woman at the local sandwich shop looks like. The Russian speaking woman/maid/number two from the Prisoner episode where #6 ran for office.(Free for all).

Had a visit with Danny after all... we went to Mangoes for a bite, after roaming Los Olas briefly (Big Kahuna was kind enough to take call from 8-12:30 this morning, and may do the same for me tomorrow.) It's really fun to people-watch, especially if I have a fellow observer. It was quick, he came by at about 10:30, and was off at about 12:15, but we got to talk about this, that and the other. (Mainly, His Mrs, His Work, My Work, City of Heroes, the nature of relationships and his Halfling guy with the Sci-fi club's RPG game.)

Breakfast Haiku -

Sugar-free monkey
eats baked brie in toasted bread
watch those points, Scotto.
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2 - zombie scotto

6544 Zombies, doors and today's work

An open door is an invitation

I'm a waffle, it depends.

(feel free to answer in comments, and elaborate.)

What do I think? I think it is... not one that should always be accepted, mind you, dear journal.

Also, Mmmm... waffles.

I'm considering a little day trip to the Dawn of the Dead movie on Monday. I've heard that these zombies are quick, not shamblers, and that there's no pivotal helicopter, but the rest is pretty much the same.

Today's cases have kept me going like gangbusters, and it seems that nine year old boys with black hair, weighing 90 lbs is the golden mean. four of em. 2 solos, and a pair together. Not to mention the 37 year old bipolar woman, the 75 year old Alzheimer's gent, or the 16 year old habitual runaway that already has a tattoo on her neck.

This is just since 12:30 this afternoon.

Good news is that over half have been found by the police, neighbors, family or friends already. (the duo, a soloist, and the 75er.)

Random Scotto factoid -

I think everyone has worth, some kind of value. I might not like particular people, but I think that they have a reason and rhyme to be the way they are. Like other items of value, some I like to keep nearby, and others I'd prefer were kept as far from me as possible. (Gold and Plutonium both fetch a nice market value, you know...)

Everyone has loved or been loved by someone at some point. I believe that everyone has made *some* kind of difference is someone else's life, and that's a kind of connectivity that makes us all part of a common whole. Nobody is born and lives in a vacuum. I wonder sometimes how far things can be read back... a friendly smile or someone giving the finger can set whole chain reactions in place. Mind you, I think that there are times when flipping someone off is required... even a punch in the jaw might be needed to put patterns in place to help the world flow a little more smoothly. However, extending a hand to help someone else, or to make some other friendly gesture is far more often the useful maneuver.

Bottom line? I don't know. I'm rambling a bit. A good fundamental rule is "Don't be an asshole, you're better than that."Site Meter
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