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March 21st, 2004

Playing with google's "local search", I sought out monkeys near zip code 33301. I don't rightly know why Jiffy Lube came up on the list... Grease Monkeys, maybe?

When I did a local search for cannibals you know, just to be safe... I get The Local Bar Association( that figures), an Office supply center, and a bunch of Temp agencies! FOR THE LOVE OF ZEUS, POST IT NOTES ARE MADE OF PEOPLE!! PEOPLE!! /Heston in a scarf.

The Untitled Project, urban photos stripped of all typography.

I added a copyright disclaimer in my user info, for when I archive news articles...
Some news material is copyrighted by its original publisher.

It is reprinted by Scottobear's Livejournal without permission, solely for purposes of criticism, comment, and news reporting, in accordance with the Fair Use Guidelines of copyright material under § 107 of U.S.C. Title 17.
I wonder if that's legalese enough?

Cool Zombie Miniatures... I would love to have all of 'em! It would take forever to paint, but be worth it. It'd certainly make the Zombies!! beer and pretzels game a lot more varied and colorful. (The minis that come with the game are ok, but all identical. They need to vary the mix a wee bit. Mage Knight Zombies (ebay link, don't take those prices seriously, just a way to see varied piccies) I swear, if I wanted to make some cash, I'd put all the plastic monsters I don't have slotted to armies for sale, and see how much I could make.

Funniest Icon I've seen on LJ today - Site Meter

Queer eye for bill nye the science guy

Didn't visit bro at the jail yesterday, on call during the time he'd have been available. Still haven't heard from him via phone.

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