March 25th, 2004

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6555 doodles, mostly

The New windows gimp is much more stable, and has a few more nifty effects. It's a nice compliment to my PSP.

Me Morphing into Kellwood's Sam-head

random Scotto thought: Do people who cross the street in countries where the cars drive on the left side of the road have the kids look right-left-right instead of left-right-left before crossing?

Didn't get around to seeing Dawn of the Dead Last night... I'm going to try and go see it with Dave on Friday. I owe him a movie, and it'll be nice to have someone to compare/contrast with.

palm doodles done yesterday during lunch -

The Frog-guy in his mask... he took a bit of a hit in his left froggy-eye. The perils of superhero combat!

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The End of Bubba Ho-Tep.

My Blogrolling link page went down last night.. that was disturbing, because it was my best little remote entertainment gadget. Portable bookmarks to some of my favorite non-lj blogs and other weirdness. (fortunately it has since returned to the right fo my journal page)
scotto monkeypulse

6556 - but what about chainsawing zombies?

A company has figured out a way to make a table (uh, circular, band, whatever saw recognize flesh and more importantly, stop cutting if it senses it.

So much for the bitter, angry shop class teacher with the wooden hand.

Granted, I would be too chicken to dare the thing, but the logic seems pretty sound. Saw listens to the electrical properties of what's being cut (i.e. sends a charge out to the saw and registers what comes back). Wood doesn't hold on to a charge but flesh does. (via str8bloggin)

addendum... of course, some psycho robot intelligence is going to reverse the process, only allowing humans to be pulped, while preserving handy wood resources.

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6557 Well, he's not out yet.

Brother didn't get released today... they didn't take into account his two most recent charges. After making him, my mother and her husband wait for three hours, it turns out that they were ill-prepared, and rescheduled for an April 2nd hearing. From what I understand, now he wants to take his case to court, rather than plead for 3 years probation.

That would make him an idiot.

Worst-case scenario, he could get up to five years in jail. Best case, of course, would be charges dropped. I think that's highly unlikely, but what do I know? I wouldn't roll dice on it.

Either way, we wait a week and see what happens.

Opposing legal advice - One Attorney says to bail him out, get him a residence, and a chance to find a job, that'll look good when he goes to trial. Another says "if you bail him out, and he runs, it will mean financial ruin for you." honestly, at this point, I don't trust him not to run, even if he claims that he's going to get off not guilty after taking it to trial. I also think that he's learned nothing from his month in jail.

Anyhow, no dinner out tonight. It was raining rally hard this afternoon too... My umbrella did a nice job keeping my head and left shoulder dry, but the rest of me was soaked to the bone by the time I got home. I did, however, feel better after taking a scalding shower and parking my keister here.

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Now to plan my evening eats, and play with Newtie! Until later, Dear journal.