March 27th, 2004

scotto monkeypulse

6562 Never put off...

Procrastinating... don't much feel like doing chores yet today. Surfy-surfing, messing around with the orange boy, listening to reruns of MadTV or shuffling mp3s.

I would like a black t-shirt with "Henchman" on the front in white block lettering, to wear with a black knit cap, and a domino mask.

EwwWw. Dirty-undies money safe.

Louisiana police no longer need search warrants?
The 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled Thursday in a Baton Rouge case that authorities don't need an arrest or search warrant to conduct a swift sweep of private property to ensure their own safety.

Any evidence discovered during that search now is admissible in court as long as the search is a "cursory inspection," and if police entered the site for a legitimate law-enforcement purpose and believed it may be dangerous.

Hm... sounds like a slippery slope. Beware of camera phones and stuff, guys.

Top doc backs picking your nose and eating it Collapse )

Um... I think I'll abstain, thanks. I've never eaten one, and don't plan on it now. *gag*

In the 1950s and 1960s, Hoover manufactured a line of flying-saucer-shaped "floating cannister vacuums" that rode on a cushion of their own exhaust, hovering over your carpet. This vacuum cleaner fan site has great photos, scanned ads and details for several of Hoover's most futuristic vacuum cleaners.

Man, I want one! Well, that's guilted me back in to housework, so I'll catch you later, dear journal.
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scotto monkeypulse

6563 Wha? I handle Sin City and it's environs, now?

Ack... somehow I got put in charge of all of Nevada. I got an email from the Big Kahuna after doing some major spring cleaning today. The email would be landing in my lap on Monday morning, but I yank my work mail in over the weekend.

In addition to my other duties, I'm going to be calling other states now, because I can put on a good phone voice (when I don't want to sound like a little kid on the phone, which is my normal MO. That usually puts people at ease, too...not everyone wants a call from some kind of booming tones of a Brian Blessed / Santa Claus hybrid.)

Sometimes it seems that they reward the incompetent by taking away responsibilities, and punish people with skills by loading more work on them. She commented that I may have to stay late due to the time difference. Um, Nope. Not without more warning. I've already made appointments for other things next week... If it's not done by the time I have to leave, it'll wait until the following day.

A fun part is that since I'll be dealing with Nevada, I'll get to talk to the Reno Police department, and whatnot. I wonder how they feel about Reno 911? Since Nevada is going to belong to me, I wonder if I'll get all the goofy Police promotional goodies that ultimately find a way back? I wouldn't mind having a Las Vegas PD Ball cap / Mug or whatever. I won't ask for any, but if the loot is offered, I'll accept most graciously. I hope I don't have to travel out there too often...I don't think I will, since we've got it pretty much open now, I'll just be running maintenance.

Poo... It looks like I got stood up by the hippies tonight. Ah well, no biggie. If I don't hear from them by 8:00, I'll order some takeout.

Random Scotto factoid - all of my non-allocated (not in set aside armies) mage knight figures fit in three three-gallon ice cream buckets (available *free* at kilwins!) All of my heroclix just fit in one three-gallon bucket.
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2 - zombie scotto

6564 tofu, prepared properly, is a bit like brains.

I guess I'll wait until next week to see the Zombie flick. I imagine that General Tso's tofu and hot tea will suffice, for now.

I've linked to this before, but it cracks me up whenever I stumble back over it. Zombie Pinups

Random Scotto Factoid - I can smell your chi in your breath...but it's your brains I want.

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