March 28th, 2004

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leftyrok has helped to raise a question in my mind recently, about LJ and what the place is like now. He was waxing a bit nostalgic about the "good ol' days" of LiveJournal... 2001/2002 era. (I'm pretty amazed that my fourth anniversary is coming up in month or two. So much has changed for me since then, and a lot has remained the same. Maybe I'll take some sort of inventory of residences, acquaintances and jobs I've held since starting this thing when the four-year point finally rolls around.

These days, I read about 60 lj'ers (very few post daily), 10 communities (mostly pictures and skim-worthy stuff) and about 25 feeds (mostly comic strips, pictures, or news blurbs.) That generally boils down to me looking at LJ for about an average of 45 minutes a day. sometimes a little bit more, some times a little bit less.

My blogroll has another 50 sites on it, though I'd say I only hit about 6 of those daily (though my roll pings them fairly often, to put smiley faces by new updates), and that accounts for another maybe 15 minutes of my time. On the weekend, if time permits, I'll spend maybe an additional hour looking at other blogs, folks that link to me, that post stuff I can't view at work during my break,

I probably spend another hour at or so at night just surfing the 'net, reading newsgroups and ricocheting off of links thrown at me via email or the blogs I zip over. It's during that time that I toss in a few of those found links into my notepad for later posting into the journal.

This is sort of my equivalent of TV-time. I don't watch a lot of television, though I will have stuff on in the background as entertainment-noise... Discovery / History / TLC seem to be the most likely candidates for that job, and the best at luring my eyes from the monitor to the boob tube. Cartoon Network and comedy Central are ok, but suffer greatly from rerun-itis.

I used to be able to read a great deal more online, but I now work a job where I actually have to pay attention during much of the day. I miss the times when I could surf the web for an hour or two on FMM's dime.

Oh... so the question. Were things better then than they are now in LJ? Um.. different. I like the new features, like phone posting, and so on.. I don't know how crazy I am about people I know reading it these days, and of course, I wish that the authors I prefer would post more often. I need to work on posting more than just links so often... this is a good place to hone my writing skills. I've gotten writer-lazy lately, and need to get back on top of that. I don't suffer from LJ drama too often, aside from a little spam here and there, and the down time is a lot less frequent. I miss some of my old LJ pals, but have made a few new ones.... I'm thankful for bandwidth, considering how many photographers have been added.

The bottom line is that LJ is still good in my opinion, but not as small-town, down-home as it used to be.

Forgot if I mentioned that I heard from bro Thursday night. Not much happened, he just reiterated to me what happened with court. We're talking civilly now, and that's a good thing.

Wow. I just saw a commercial for Carvel ice cream cakes, and my mouth actually watered. I haven't gotten feedback from an ad in years. MMm... Ice cream cake. It's the little chocolate crunchies that make it so good!

Smokey and the Bandit is somehow better with Swedish subtitles.

A year ago - bro got me some Godzilla movies at the gift store up the road. I wonder now if they were purchased, or picked up with a five-fingered discount? Is every memory of him going to be recolored by what I know now? Probably, until my mind comes up with a fresh tint for him, later on in the game. I know that my memories of other folks are surely in varying shades, too.

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Off for some midday walkies, perhaps a milkshake one the pretense of getting more free buckets... until later, dear journal.
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