March 30th, 2004

Florida LP (local)

6569 With concentric circles from my forehead like Aquaman...

Ugh, the Miami Herald is becoming a registration site soon. Yet another reason to keep reading the Sun-Sentinel online. I keep a fakey-fake profile, just to avoid giving advertisers good cookie info, and register to a stinky email account used only to collect spam. I've been keeping an alias since Radio Shack asked for names and bio info before selling you a simple spst switch. (used to make my first black box when I was 12 or 13.) Not that I've been to a RS in ages. I don't think that they collect info directly like that anymore... but the stuff they sell is so overpriced.

I also discovered SmartTraveler, too.. traffic info and cameras posted all over the place (not just South Florida)

Random Factoid - De Soto brought 13 pigs to Florida ~1525. Today, only China has a greater swine population.

Dan and I babbled a bit about super-group names. not many are worthwhile, but we came up with a couple of goodies.

"…chewed by a rat when Telly was a baby." (Famous people with missing digits.)

I'm going to play a little mental game with myself today. I'm going to see if I can open up my mind and detect life out and around me...try and "sense" where / what things are, and just try to hear whatever vibe it might be throwing off. see if I can do the aura-vision perception vibe. Sense lizards, the difference between grass and maybe an insect or two... see if I can detect where in the office different bodies are without hearing or seeing them.

I'm pretty confident that I can perceive life in my apartment, but that's easy. Me, Newton, that's it. I close my eyes, reach out and see what subconscious cues tell me where he's located. That is, of course if he isn't sitting right in front of me, as he is often wont to do... not too difficult to triangulate where the creature that's purring like a lawnmower and is pressing his forehead against your right hand. What I'm typing here is that it doesn't take Matt Murdock/Daredevil.

Hmm... quote in my head this morning... "Shift your cargo dearie... show 'em your larboard side...WE WANTS THE REDHEAD!! Strike your colors you brazen wench! No need to expose your superstructure! " Ah.. Classic Disney.

Until later, dear journal. Don't take rum, where you can get gold. Mind ye, if they only have rum, take it.
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6570- d'oh! - Email update

Nevada is on Pacific time... three hours short of mine. Calling at 10am here is
like 7am there.

That's going to make callbacks ugly. I'm going to have to allow for some
overlap, or to tell them to call back no later than 1pm PST (4pm my end)

At least Michigan is in the same region.