April 2nd, 2004

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Ok... tonight is either Hellboy or Dawn of the Dead, with or without Dave. I'd like to have a little fun mayhem before being on call this weekend. Oddly, I know for a fact that four years ago yesterday I was on a date, watching Rear Window at the Gateway theater with April. I hope that she's gotten her act together at this point, and is on the right track. That was just an odd situation, one I should write about more sometime.

I'm flattered that Sammy's using the name "SamBot2000" as his robo-hero. (The character design is nice, too.)

No pranks yesterday! Yeah! I feel great! Thanks!

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Janeane Garofalo blond? Hmm.. that's an odd choice. Her show was decent except that her cohost was rather flat, and the interviewee (Bill Mahr) is one of my least favorite people to listen to. I think if she gets a better guest, and the cohost participates more, the thing could be quite entertaining.

Man eating plants. That could be either a description of my lunch hour, or Day of the Triffids. Oh, the difference a well-placed hyphen can make. Or not so different after all, really. I still consider myself something of a pod-person, though I don't have any great desire to eat humans, I wouldn't mind this Thorax Cake! - A cake made to look like an entire thoracic cavity. It looks *great*... I especially dig the white chocolate rib cage containing the cakes. Not for the squeamish.
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Eric Krieg followed up on another old post of mine (October of 2001, no less) about the supposed free energy and resulting falsehoods of Dennis Lee's "free energy".

In that same-post's related news, Regarding Paula Poundstone's child endangerment charges. Most unfortunate quote of hers, pre trial? (From a February 2001 news article)
Sun: What's the age range of the foster children you take care of?

PP: The majority are newborn. I'm especially good with them before they can talk. I figure as soon as they can talk, I'm screwed.
Ouch. I'm glad that she was cleared of the sex charges, and that she's gotten treatment for her alcohol problem, and was allowed to keep custody of her adopted children.

Ah... lovely. Another link-payment today. That little fund takes care of any online mad money that I'd care to toss around.

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I guess I won't be running to fight crime.
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