April 6th, 2004


6585 Biter (not bitter) things, stinky books, and so on

I went to read a book I'd lent to my brother and he'd returned to me about a year ago...once I opened the pages, the thick, but stale stink of cigarette smoke filled my nose, and possibly the rest of the room. He must've read the entire thing while chain-smoking... the scent was incredibly horrid. I don't mind a little cig smoke, but this was something else. It amazed me that the tome managed to hang on so tightly to that aura ... I had to close the book and put it back on the shelf. I find myself wondering if it'll smell that way forever, until it's aired out somehow. If an archaeologist found it in a hundred years and opened it up, would it still blast that scent in a billowing cloud of century-old particles?

The book was Great American Ghost Stories, by the way.

GrayPumpkin (Who will be in town with Katt starting Wednesday) reminded me of The Surrealist Compliment Generator - Your face is like an imperfectly shaven tennis ball. And yes... in some ways, it is. However "The ocean's foam matches the froth of hair streaming through your lips." is a bit much.

Two cool case mods - Habitrail & Easy bake oven

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I picked up the vampire power thievery from one of my most friendly childer in the vampire game

Current stats -

drunk 26699 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight, Suction, Celerity(1), Thievery(1)
Money: 14 coins Possessions: Scroll of Turning (3)

You are sire to 54 other vampires, including: LdySaphyre (11834 pints), Silenciador (7196 pints), night_flyer (6198 pints), aatak (6181 pints), MissV (4877 pints), wchmum (4609 pints), FreakJonn (4454 pints), jerseydevil (4164 pints), King of Ice (3610 pints), nECKjOCKEY (3148 pints)
You are a second-generation vampire. Your sire is RavenBlack (170795).

Wow, 54? so many have gone dormant since my push for 200 active kiddies last Halloween.
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