April 9th, 2004

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6591 doodles, etc

Going out to look at more condos this afternoon. There are one or two that look very promising. I only hope nobody else swoops in on them, if I dig 'em! In Hollywood, West of '95.

I see City of Heroes has 3 servers now.

Prime (Where All of my guys currently are)
Justice (Appeared Last night)
Pinnacle (New Today)

Also, they've bound to the arrow keys! no more wad if I don't want to!

I'm thinking about adding a new super... some big tanker named "The Friendly Manatee"

Doodling on the palm yesterday at lunch... thinking idly about creatures nearby. Played in monochrome, and kept it "screen color" rather than black and white.

Little black frog leaping for a lazily cruising dragonfly

Splash-paddle Manatee in the same canal getting ready for a tasty supper of kelp (with a teeny seahorse)

Catch you later, dear journal! Have a lovely Friday!
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