April 10th, 2004

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6593 Ooga Chakka, hooga hooga, ooga chaka.

I spent too long in City of Heroes this morning... It's fun, playing a supers game with old Gaming pal Rik, and Newer Gaming pals Sammy and Whims. It'd be neat if GrayPumpkin and Katt got in on the action, too. Not to mention Danny, Wu-folk, or most of all, mi amor.

I was surprised ah how any copyright violations / super parodies were running around in there... A lot of variants on the Tick, especially. (Barry, The Tick', and my favorite, a red one called "The Tack".) Also remarkable was a super by the name of Briar Rose. I thought for a half-second that it was Pam, but that's not likely... I don't see her throwing herself into a beta version of any game, or having a computer that's up to the task. Who knows, though? Stranger things have happened.

No bombs dropped at the office yesterday... not sure why. I've got to call the Big Kahuna and find out where things stand this evening, just to see what's what.

Office Religion Update, VS is a Roman Catholic. No meat this last Friday, etc. She stopped going while she was away at school, but may be starting up again, because she's officially "home and on a proper schedule... not partying every Sat. nite." I think Big K is sort of a general secular, if any kind of theist at all.

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A man's severed head has been found on a park bench in Honduras, bringing the number of such incidents to 10 in the past nine months, police sources said.

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Bonus pic of Newt and Me at the old apartment (prior to No-Nose Maldanado's epidose)

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