April 11th, 2004

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6594 Happy Easter, folks.. Many Chocolate Yolks!

Sunrise was lovely this morning... The beach was well-populated, but not super-mobbed for Easter.

I want to go on an egg-hunt. My father, brother and I would search all over the inside of the house, looking for tiny chocolate eggs left out by the Easter Bunny... Dad would sniff around, "trying to pick up the scent" and bro and I would scan around for hidden stores of two or four of them. (We'd divide them equally...I suspect there were only three in one location when Mr. Bunny wanted a quick little sugar-snack.)

Later on, I took on the role of Egg-bloodhound, sniffing out goodies with the twins and other munchkins on different years. I rather miss that...I'd love to help a few little ones find foil-wrapped sweets today sometime, but I don't think that it'll happen.

Peep article that Danny pointed out to me yesterday -

Peeps gone wild!

They are loved, hated, vilified, celebrated, parodied, decapitated, smooshed, frozen, fricasseed, microwaved and subjected to bizarre experimentation. Can an American icon get a little respect?
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Saw Janet Jackson on SNL last night. Whatever she used to have, I think that she's lost it. Voice is still as good as it ever was, but there's no vibe there, just a woman past her prime musically trying to use sex to keep folks interested. She looks sort of used up physically and emotionally... I'd like to think that she could go off somewhere for a year or so, and just start over again.... ignore 2003/2004.

Nosy man special -

LJ Image Collage and Webcollage

Due to the nature of the Internet, some images may be inappropriate for some viewers. Highly likely, in fact. This being LiveJournal, you never know what you might get.... consider yourself warned. Now that I've said that, of course, people looking for lurid stuff will complain about the overabundance of kitten pictures. To that, I say, see below.

Based on info from this resource: http://www.livejournal.com/stats/latest-img.bml - Tracks all off and on-site image linking. (It tracks all image references in IMG tags, or any URL stand-alone that looks like it is probably an image (ends in .gif/.jpe?g/.png)

Whee... Orisinal's Pelican game!

The New Spider-Man 2 Trailer looks spiffy! I like the choices for Kurt Connors and Doc Ock... both villains I really like, even moreso than the Green Goblin (especially the power-rangers movie-version.) Looks like Col. Jameson will be there too... I wonder if the werewolf will show up?

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