April 12th, 2004

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6595 I'm greedy for a long weekend.

Can't I have Monday off? No? Oh, All right. I suppose that I'm a bit envious of Danny having the week off, and GP/Katt taking a couple of weeks to vacation, as well. Hopefully I'll get to see all the slackers mentioned prior in the next week or so under leisurely circumstances.

I'm still not sure if GP was serious about a detente between Pam and myself. (I've always associated that word specifically with Nixon-era USA/USSR relations, though I saw it referencing Ben Franklin's diplomacy ages back.) I did request not to see her if possible. The last thing I want to do is to contribute to a dark spot on the vacationing couple's calendar.

I had NO Easter Chocolate bunny yesterday, though I may be naughty and pick up one at the drugstore for 50% off, if I see them still available. I'm entitled to gnaw my way through a little sugary rabbit, or at least a Cadbury egg, as long as I stay on my points.

Built a Scottobear-looking superhero, and fought crime alongside a Sammykun hero yesterday.. we found all sorts of bugs, and put the smack down on all sorts of 5th columnist super-soldiers. I wonder if Whims would be interested in similar emulation?

Butterflies of North America (via USGS) I see Phaons quite a bit where I am. USGS is a great place to eyeball nifty pages about all kinds of biology / geology / map sorts of stuff.

It's warm, but I smell rain in the air. I rather hope that it does rain while I'm inside, and brings that clean vibe to the city... like all the grime has been swept into the river... all the plants fed, all the glass drip-dried.

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