April 13th, 2004

scotto monkeypulse

6596 Random speaks about Drugs of choice

Didn't bother with Choco-bunnies but did get some ice cream discs to fend off my sweet tooth.

Bro says that he's pretty much off cigs now, after going without since the end of February.

Research by the Trimbos Institute for Addiction indicates that the THC level has increased significantly over the years, meaning that Dutch-grown marijuana, Nederwiet, could now be considered a hard drug.

I'm really not one for smoking a drug, be it nicotine or thc... I just don't like the delivery system.

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scotto monkeypulse

6597 Wetness from the sky makes the world dark.

Wow, is it raining hard!

Check it out. This is at 3ish in the afternoon.

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Also, a palm drawn version of me jumping through the puddles (Drawn in the safety of the underhang.)

LHOLG = Long Haired, Overfed Leaping Gnome, by the way.

[Update from the homefront] I'm back at the HQ, high and dry playing paperwad fetch with the orange kid. Until later, dear journal.
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