April 16th, 2004

scotto monkeypulse

6600 Minor Recap, and quick bolt away.

I did manage to get together with Dan after all today. We split a grilled cheese and some frings at Cheeburger Cheeburger, walked it off and caught the movie. I showed him City of Heroes afterward, and he was very keen on it.

Ella Enchanted was cute, lightweight fare, with an excellent soundtrack... Strange seeing Elwes in a sinister role. He seems to have put on a little weight, too.

I quite liked the movie's giants... Gentle, passive beings with a Mediterranean fashion sense and groovy jazz-hands, while they dance to a great Queen song. (Somebody to Love)

Flattered to have made a guest appearance as a guide, host and fellow gamer in someone's dream recently. I'd link to it, but the entry is locked.

LH started today, still too early to get a vibe. CS had his hours cut to two 6-hour shifts a week... Not sure if he's going to be on call anymore or not. If he doesn't, that'll mean I have to take call every Sunday until we get a fresh tech.

I'm going to miss my old supers when they go poof on the 22nd during the Beta system reset... but I think I might change where my characters go powers-wise second time around. I'm surely going to rebuild the frog again, as well as Argus and the Scottobear duplicate.
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