April 23rd, 2004

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6614 Some mornings, I can feel my eyes dilate.

It's one of those times. I can feel where light is hitting my body, sort of pick up on the varying thickness of the air's textures.

I want to go for a swim... well, not a true swim. An extended soak in a natural pond is more like it. Someplace peaceful, with smooth, round stones and not a lot of overbearing sound.

Without horseflies. With Limeade, s'mores and Pita Sammiches.

So, Dear journal... it's Friday, at last. I'm looking forward to taking it easy tomorrow... this week has been heavy duty, and I suspect that today may be a bit stressful before this afternoon. I think there'll be more time to breathe after the fund-raising events next week.

Final night for the CoH beta was a lot of fun... all the heroes on the server fending off an alien invasion... quite a way to end the run! (I still like fighting Nazis the most.) It was amazing to see literally hundreds of supers mobbing the streets in a massive free-for-all. Got to play a bit with Rogana and Willow Whisp, but sadly, Sambot and Tiny weren't around.

I'm still astounded by the design and graphics that have gone into the system...truly amazing stuff to be controlling real time, with thousands of people playing.

The CoH Timeline -

Thursday, 4/22, 11:59pm (CDT) – Beta officially ends. Servers go down and are character wiped. Blackout period begins.

Sunday, 4/25, 12 noon (CDT) – Head Start begins. Pre-order accounts are the only accounts with access to the game servers.

Wednesday morning, 4/28, 12 midnight (CDT) – City of Heroes officially launches! Access to the game is only allowed to those with a retail version of the game. Pre-order people must have a final version of the product in order to continue playing past the Head Start. Again, all pre-order players have until end of day May 15th to buy the game and claim their reserved character names.

Worst Bruce Campbell movie I've ever seen - Tornado! (Basically Twister, without the nifty effects crew.) Bruce was uninspired and pretty dang flat. It was playing briefly in the background on the hallmark channel while I beat up invaders.

Be back soon. Don't eat any wooden nickels, even if you're a termite.Site Meter
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