April 24th, 2004

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6616 - Out and about

Got a letter from bro in the pokey today.. he seems to prefer to write rather than call lately. [update] It seems that my land line had been unplugged from the wall since Monday (the day I rearranged my writing so that lappie would be available to do dial-up... Either I forgot to plug it back, or it was put back loose enough to allow it to fall out. No wonder bro sent me a letter. Shows how much I use the phone.

I like the new breakdown of friends on the user info page.

Hmm.. Hell froze over. (via waxy)

While at Eckerd's this morning (picking up a drink during my AM walkabout) I noticed a new flavor sensation... "Pina Colada" Almond Joy. White chocolate, pineapple flavored coconut. I picked one up, but hadn't mustered the strength to open it and consume the beast immediately. (Thought I quaffed the diet mandarin orange tea quick as can be.)

As I sauntered along with that certain savior faire only a sasquatch on a warm south Florida morning can muster, I discovered that an event was taking place at the library... Peter Pan & all manner of Piratey things to promote reading. (As we all know how literate Buccaneers are, throughout history, I suppose...) Included in the lineup were the Wiggles & Cap'n Feathersword... or so I thought. On inspection, it turns out that they were some kind of insane parallel-universe alter-Wiggles. They were wearing colored shirts and singing hot potato... that seemed to be all that the little folks wanted. As I approached the edge of the park (no... I wasn't caught, rapt in a web of pre-k television-impersonator majesty) who should I behold, but my hippie pals, with babies in tow.

Mayah has gotten so big (and ol' Dave got a haircut) Collapse )

We celebrated the happy coincidence by splitting the pineapple AJ. It wasn't bad... fragrant of pineapple, but not overwhelmingly so in the taste department. They packed some hummus and pita, and invited me to join them, but I only partook in a polite nibble of bread breaking. I don't get too hungry when out on the walk, and I'm trying to make a point of only eating whole meals on schedule.

So many little kids running around... and they all seemed to be getting along wonderfully, if a bit rowdy.

The hippies were there with another pair of buddies (that I haven't seen since Mayah's first birthday Wow, Mayah's become quite the little lady since then...practically a Goldilocks these days) After gabbing a bit, I said my goodbyes, and headed off for the rest of my day's wandering. (I'll put the piccies in an entry after flipping through 'em.)

Best thing about today? Hugs, many hugs. Hippies, kids, and just general niceys.

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