April 25th, 2004

Kind lady

6619 - Pondering the RHL & kids.

Thinking about Hala, Mee-Boo, Blackie and that whole crew today. Good thoughts and feelings seep out of my heart like thick, heavy smoke, and my apartment is filled with the stuff. It flows out the windows and doors, rolling like low-hanging clouds to those I care about... hopefully enveloping them and bringing some joy on a late Sunday morning. It's solid...could last for a long time. I wonder if they'll get Cicadas?

Some games: Q*beart & Donkeys Hate you (punk'd pinata)

In Florida unmarried women risk jail or fines if they parachute on the sabbath. Other Dumb Laws

Current Mood: The Curse of the Rubezahl

Current Music: The roots of the world tree are growing. Where is Baba Yaga, now?Site Meter