April 29th, 2004

Kind lady

6628 - Holy Dog Toffee!

hmm.. the Gonads & Strife guy got a deal to ads for AMPM.

Woo! Team Laser Explosion Secret Fan Club!

Good gravy. Folks have sent me some bizarre things before, but not much beats the latest from Wurzel. I dare not directly link. Not safe for work doesn't even begin to cover it.

Ten Words:
  • Cups of tiny eels poured into the booty via funnel.
It's worse than it sounds, grossy-gross, but squeamishly funny.

Going to have to have a stern talk with ADP about her attitude with law enforcement. NO Back-sass. Especially if they're following proper procedure.

I'm miffed with PHP-nuke for having such a glaring security hole, and causing one of my favorite websites to go AWOL. Unfortunately, that's another language, like java and flash that I can't use in my LJ development, either. I still miss the Newton-navigation bar that was made for me. (By the web-shah of my fave site, as it so happens.)Really, Really, Really Unsuitable. don't say I didn't warn you.
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    The Boosh of *laser pelvis attack*!!