April 30th, 2004

Linus Dance

6629 Guten Drudennacht! Time for der Hexen-Orgie!

We're directly opposite of Halloween at this point. The season started with Candlemas / Groundhog's Day has come to an end.

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I've been hearing about many different cases of less-than-savory people being snagged via work email lately. Cheaters, thieves, haters, and the like. Who, in this day and age actually thinks that the email they have at work is secure, or for personal use at all? Dumbasses. Most places make folks sign a resource policy, as far as I know... E-Mail, Voice Mail, Cell phone minutes, internet bandwidth. That's what free yahoo/hotmail/gmail/whatever accounts are all about. No legal liabilities, and nobody looking over your shoulder.

Speaking of free mail...Wow.. someone auctioned off a gmail account for $50! Look at 'em all! (17, when I just looked.)

I've been doing *loads* of programming lately. Good to get the brain flexed again after so much general upkeep work. Could be worse, though.. looking at the stats for game developers.

It looks like it's all work and no play for game developers. The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has a white paper titled "Quality of Life in the Game Industry: Challenges and Best Practices." Some of the findings:
Crunch time is omnipresent, during which respondents work 65 to 80 hours a week.
The average crunch work week exceeds 80 hours 13% of the time.

Overtime is often uncompensated.

Spouses are likely to respond that "You work too much..." (61.5%); "You are always stressed out." (43.5%); "You don't make enough money." (35.6%)

Mod a disposable cam into a stun-gun
TechTV has a HOWTO for modifying a disposable camera into a stun-gun:
These disposable cameras (about $5 dollars a pop) have a capacitor that can store up to 600 volts of stopping power. When the capacitor discharges those volts, it delivers an amperage comparable to stun guns.

Cool Factoid learned lately... Chickens like to eat scorpions!

I just remembered.. on TV last night, channel surfing before bed, I saw Terminator 2 on one of the Spanish channels. I half-wondered if he'd say "Seeya Later Alligator" or something, rather than "Hasta La Vista, Baby" given that the rest of the voice track was already en Espanol.
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