May 2nd, 2004

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6633 New beginnings, sleeping late and flashes of golden light

Congrats, dcl & no1topaz! I wish you both many years of good things ahead.

After yesterday's bad sleeps (result of untimely calls) I woke up Sunday at about two in the afternoon. I think I hit the bricks last night at about 2am or so.... the only reason I got up at all was that the air and sea show had a bunch of loud fighter craft cruising low overhead.

I still haven't heard anything about Cinco de Mayo, but I know that I've got the evening off. Maybe I'll talk a little walkie down riverfront and sniffy-snuff my nose around, see what I can find.

I had a dream last night that I was being vivisected while my brain in a jar, watched on from an operating theater (using video cameras.. my eyes were still in my body's head), from an theater filled with other doctors and brains in jars. While this was happening, occasionally a doctor would look surprised, and then vanish into a bright light. The others didn't seem to notice, as they were engrossed in the surgery taking place.

That of course, prompted this poll:

Poll #287691 Where'd everybody go?

The news is abuzz with talk about 5% of the world's population vanishing in a flash of sweet-smelling golden flame. What is (are)your first thoughts/assumptions(s)?

Alien Attack!
It's the Rapture!
Some secret weapon of ours is killing people
Was it only humans?
Somebody else's secret weapon is killing people
How long until Jerry Falwell blames feminists/gays for this?
How many of them are Libras (or whatever astrological sign)?
This is some sort of creepy joke.
Other (in text box or comments below)

Other: (also, feel free to elaborate in comments on any answers)

[edit] What the heck does Показать ответы mean? View answers? Is LJ suffering from an error? (Clicking just gives the stats for other.) [end edit]

I wonder now if that was me on the other jars, too, looking at reflections, or parallel Scottos form other lands, or just other patients? Maybe someone kidnapped all the LHOLGs on the planet after spiking their wine. I don't know.

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