May 3rd, 2004

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6634 Back from Doctor Flarnberry's Time-booth.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, especially to Danny and argumentpleaseLisa!

Both are also fine, Tolkien-loving Pythonites. It's good to know people like that are helping to make the world a better place, starting with kids.

It's sort of odd knowing that I have folks that read my journal within walking distance of where I live. Not frightening or anything, but it's interesting to me that I could have seen them at Starbucks (especially at Starbucks, considering two of them) or just while out and about.

Blur Studio's Rockfish Video I dig what they're doing with CGI these days. Amazing that none of it exists outside of the digital world.

I'm annoyed... I went back in time, shot Hitler in the head, came back and *absolutely nothing* changed. I think that the world must've gotten even worse and somebody else went back to undo my deed. [edit] Dang, I knew it. There are blanks in the weapon now. I loaded it with dumdums this morning, and history is as it was before I left, as far as I can tell. I've submitted it to Flarnberry for analysis. [end edit] I knew i should've destroyed the body or something. Ah well... I hope it was because some evil Russian empire took over, and it was for a greater "stopping the end of the world" sort of thing, rather than chrono-hoppping Nazis saving their dopey one-testicled fuhrer.

Man, I hate Chrono-hopping Nazis.

They're even worse than the regular ones. Same dumbass mentality, better hardware.

They're not even German. These new guys are Swiss, and South American. The other Germans hate 'em even more than the home-grown, which the rest despise.

[edit again] Ugh. What the heck? The timeline has certainly changed. The jar his brain was stored in used to be cylindrical, not globular. At least I don't have to see his ugly mug anymore. [end edit again]

I've read the first 15 books in the Discworld series (and a few short stories), all from my palmtop. Probably my favorite light fantasy / humor series ever... It proves that there is something other than the 90% from Sturgeons law. I was a fan of the Xanth books as a kid, but they really lost steam after the first half dozen. I'm terribly impressed that someone can write anything as entertaining that can be held out for so long as Pratchett has. They're not all total winners,but all worth a read in my opinion. Pratchett's the first author I want to support by purchasing his books *after* having read them in pirated format.

Here's the list - Newest to oldest.

Undownloaded -

31. Monstrous Regiment (2003)
30. The Wee Free Men (2003)
29. Night Watch (2002)
28. The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents (2001)
27. The Last Hero (2001)


26. Thief of Time (2001)
25. The Truth (2000)
24. The Fifth Elephant (1999)
23. Carpe Jugulum (1998)
22. The Last Continent (1998)
21. Jingo (1997)
20. Hogfather (1996)
19. Feet of Clay (1996)
18. Maskerade (1995)
17. Interesting Times (1994)
16. Soul Music (1994)

Downloaded & Read-

15. Men at Arms (1993)
14. Lords and Ladies (1992)
13. Small Gods (1992)
12. Witches Abroad (1991)
11. Reaper Man (1991)
10. Moving Pictures (1990)
09. Eric (1990)
08. Guards! Guards! (1989)
07. Pyramids (1989)
06. Wyrd Sisters (1988)
05. Sourcery (1988)
04. Mort (1987)
03. Equal Rites (1987)
02. The Light Fantastic (1986)
01. The Colour of Magic (1983)

I'm not sure which focus group I like the most... all of them have something going for them. Probably either the Witches or the Watch... The foci of some of the other books are the Unseen University (Wizards), Rincewind, Death as a Character, as well as a number of standalone books. The Rincewind books are the weakest, in my opinion.. if only because the others being so much stronger. Found a nice Wiki about the series too.

Something mentioned there - Nearly all of the Discworld novels are notable for having no chapter divisions.
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6636 If I can't help, I'll let 'em be. (and wish them good fortune, until I can help)

There are about four people I can think of that need a clue. Sadly, I don't really know them well enough to wrap one around a brick, and smack them in the head with it...Some folks have to live and learn by themselves. Plus, I may only know what I do from a skewed perspective.

Lots of rain, on one of my few nights off. I'm thinking that maybe just going out and splashing in the puddles is an answer.

Until later, dear journal!