May 5th, 2004

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6638 Happy Cinco De Mayo! Congratulations to the Eocene Heart Urchin!

TO celebrate, I will type whatever comes to mind, as fragmented as it is.

Checkup last night got rescheduled for 6pm... I came out with a clean bill of health, and confirmation that I'm losing weight at a decent clip for healthy reduction.

Mildly annoyed that my scheduling fails so often... being on call is great when you're saving lives, suck rocks the other 85% of the calls. The phone is an albatross.

Thinking a lot about rings around the moon, and that makes me happy.

I suspect Porno Bob might be the next one on the cut list. I wonder if his association with CS will be a nail in his coffin?

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Dancing is a pleasing thing to do.

I would like to see more Diaries like this one.

I'm flattered that at least four different people have used images that I've created as icons.

I like the feeling that drinking soda-pop fizz makes when I have a cold, and me ears are plugged up. the sizzle on my tonsils or whatever seems to trackback thought the sides of my head.

Orange-furred Libras are awesome, and should get snuggles whenever possible.

I like black and white cookies with strong coffee. I think I'll have that at the Deli for lunch today.

I've recently started moisturizing.

Open Letter to folks that hacked another php-nuke site

The Florida Senate is listening to all those who demanded that Florida replace its official state rock. It would make Ocala limestone the new official state rock and take that designation away from agatized coral. Slow News day?

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I still think the Florida state bird should be the brown pelican.
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