May 6th, 2004

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Nobody told me Rod Roddy Died!

A French site mapping out all the covers of Astounding Stories from 1930 - 1971. The name changed over this period from Astounding Stories to Astounding Science Fiction to Analog in 1960.

Too much spirit kills sorcerer

A Sri Lankan magician killed himself during a black magic ritual to harness evil forces after he was overwhelmed by the spirits he had drunk, rather than those he was trying to cast spells on, a press report said today.

The 71-year-old man had used his full force to dash a coconut on the ground as part of the ritual on behalf of a customer, but lost his balance and ended up hooked on the trident, a weapon of Hindu gods, the Sinhalese-language Lankadeepa said.

The paper quoted the victim's son as saying he had been drunk at the time.

Doctors said his death last week was due to excessive bleeding and shock.

from Coconut blog, a site that gathers "News, Notes, and Dispatches From Wherever Coconuts Grow"
You know, dear journal, things like this make me happy that I was born in 1969. Honestly, would the draft work, these days? Wouldn't the *majority* of people come up 4F? (At least for being overweight, or on some sort of medicine.. isn't everyone on one sort of medical track or another, these days?)

Times have changed a lot since the last draft. Or are we just more out of shape?

ldy pointed out in the coloringbook community - Celestial Seasonings Coloring Book! How nifty! if anyone colors any of 'em, please let me see!

It seems that you can get to my LJ website via - How Naughty! I wonder how long that'll last?Site Meter

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